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LINK Szkoła Języków Obcych

ul. Kuźnicza 11-13 2nd floor,
50-138 Wrocław
mobile: +48 604 649 554

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Length of the course: 3 months and more

LINK School of Languages was established in 1997 to provide effective foreign language programs.

Apart from Polish classes LINK School of Languages has a team of experienced and qualified native  English, German and Russian language teachers who are determined to help you reach your language goals. 

LINK Business Programs are designed for customers with specific requirements.

What can I expect from this course?

Group or individual

Depending on what works better for you, you may choose group or individual lessons. It is completely up to you regarding what form of learning works better for you personally.

Individual  lesson means personalized attention to you. You will receive your teacher’s undivided attention and you will receive guidance and feedback that is specific to you and your goals.

Small group gives you a chance to learn with your colleagues and it can be a great opportunity to build up your self–confidence while speaking. Small classes also allow you to benefit from more individual contact with your teacher who provides guidance, attention and feedback.


Maximum flexibility

Feel free to go 'off topic'. A Link Business Program lesson is designed for you by you. Set your own goals for the lesson and one of our friendly  teachers will help you reach them. The flexibility of our teachers allows you to choose any language  that you want to learn.

Classes at LINK or in Your Company

We want nothing more than to make your life easer. You can attend lessons at our school or we can teach classes at your business. We can also organize lessons in private dwellings.

Monthly reviews

LINK can ensure that the content of the lessons is suited to your company objectives by providing your human resources department with monthly reviews. On a regular basis you will receive details of your personal achievements, attendance and development.


Our corporate prices are very competitive. We look forward to the opportunity of presenting a LINK Business Program to you based on: the number of employees in your company, the required lessons structure, and the number of hours per week that you require.


Group/time Intensity Price
per one class
Duration Total price
per one month
group of 1-3 people at Link
2 times a week 120 PLN per group
150 PLN per group
60 min
90 min
960 zł
1200 zł

If you wish to have classes at your company , you will be charged and an extra fee for a travel time of 50pln in Wroclaw (up to 30 min ride one way).