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LINK Szkoła Języków Obcych

ul. Kuźnicza 11-13 2nd floor,
50-138 Wrocław
mobile: +48 604 649 554

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Steve and Meg are an English couple that moved to Poland and are in the catering business
We came to Poland from England for a better way of life and to start a business in the catering industry, so we must learn Polish. We both knew it wasn’t going to be easy, as we’re not s young anymore. We contacted Link, which was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made, because their professionalism makes learning this difficult language fun, taking it at a pace even we can cope with! Our teachers are all very friendly and help in any way they can. We also have some great social events with the school, which gives us an insight into the traditions and history of Poland and of Polish life.

Cesar is a banking professional working in Wroclaw and studying Russian
Larisa has been my teacher since August 07. She is very professional and hard working. She is a university professor and she applies these methods in our classes. I think she could be the best native Russian teacher in town!
She prepares every class before the meetings.... She focuses on every aspect of the language: Grammar (basic stuff in Russian language), reading and writing and speaking. We are now turning gradually to business Russian. She also prepares and suggests exercises and reading for homework as a way of consolidating knowledge.
She is always smiling, and shows a great attitude towards life, so classes are always pleasant.
She makes me improve my language day by day. I really notice it.

Michael is an English teacher living and working in Wroclaw
When I first came to Wroclaw a year ago I thought I’d never learn Polish, but after a great course of one-to-one classes at Link I entered a group and now I feel a lot more confident. I can talk about business and general activities and I really enjoy the lessons here. Ania my teacher has monitored my progress and always encourages me, and she really makes the lessons fun. Without Link I wouldn’t appreciate this lovely city half as much – thanks!

Melanie Frisch Nürnberg from Germany
Der Kurs war sehr intensiv, täglich und individuell. Ich habe sehr viel gelernt und ich konnte mir die Themen selbst auswählen. Alle meine Fragen wurden sehr kompetent beantwortet und die Unterrichtsatmosphäre war immer sehr nett und auch lustig. Es hat großen Spaß gemacht und war sehr effektiv.
Vielen Dank!

Reiner Martin – a businessman from Germany
Gern habe ich in dieser individuellen, persönlichen Atmosphäre die polnische Sprache gelernt. Alle Mitarbeiter sind sehr aufmerksam und gehen auf die individuellen Wünsche des Schülers immer ein. Kennangelernt hab ich außerdem eine anstrebende, lebendige Stadt, in der es Spaß macht im Leben.

Jan Gorczak and Rebecca Milsted – polish roots seekers from England
Thank you very much. we were very pleased with the amount we covered in class. The teaching was excellent. We will definitely consider doing another week next time we are in Poland.

Jose Luis Vadillo Lopez – student from Spain
In Link I found a very kind way to learn polish, with a nice atmosphere and well trained teachers. Polish is a hard language to learn but in Link is possible to learn it and enjoy it.

Yvonne Cole-Dupuis – multi talented woman from Ireland
When I moved to Wroclaw learning polish was top on my list of priorities. Fortunately I found Link. It's a great school. My teachers are efficient, helpful (not only concerning learning polish but also helping me get by in my day to day life in Wroclaw), well prepared and they structure their classes around my personal needs and requirements. Now, after a short period of time I'm becoming confident and have begun to speak polish thanks to super teachers and a wonderful school!
Cristina Lago – translator from Sweden
Since I started taking individual classes at Link in November 2006, I have been Very satisfied with everything. During class I have great possibilities to ask questions of every kind regarding polish language and culture. The level of teaching I well adopted to my own level and there is a good mix between different kinds of exercises.

Russell Williams – Esperanto enthusiast from America
I am very happy with my polish teacher at Link. She explains things clearly, gives good useful exercises to help me practice and is very friendly and encouraging. Polish is hard for English speakers, but I am happy with the progress I am making and quite satisfied with my lessons, which are not only useful but enjoyable.

Jerry Skifstad – a missionary from United States
Dear Marta!
Thank you so much for all the work you did to make my language studies at Link a good experience. The friendly atmosphere you created (i.e. offering coffee, tea or woda before class) definitely made language learning enjoyable. It was always fun to hang around afterwards and practice a little more conversation.
My teacher, Anna, did an excellent job in covering material that was appropriate to level I was at as well as help me gain a better understanding of the Polish culture. Even though the language is very difficult, I feel I’ve experienced significant improvement while at Link. That’s largely due to the excellent staff you have working with you.
Keep up the great work, and maybe I’ll be back after the summer.

Ilse van der Palen from Belgium worked for Google

I'm glad I joined LINK for my Polish classes, because there everything is possible. The classes are very individually focussed and flexible. I had a great time, learned a lot and thanks to LINK I made some new friends in Wrocław! Learning Polish at LINK was great: I had a very competent and friendly teacher and the group was brilliant. Despite Polish being such a difficult language to learn, we made great progress in just a couple of weeks and we still managed to enjoy each and every lesson, mainly thanks to our dedicated teacher Marta.

Florian Kern – political science phd student from Germany

Learning Polish at LINK was great: I had a very competent and friendly teacher and the group was brilliant. Despite Polish being such a difficult language to learn, we made great progress in just a couple of weeks and we still managed to enjoy each and every lesson, mainly thanks to our dedicated teacher Marta.

Roger Daniells-Smith lawyer from Great Britain

"Link Language school in Wroclaw brings you a completely different holiday break. They offer a wide range of courses in Polish, and are completely flexible about the programme. It is taylor-made to suit your requirements.So if you only have a few days, or even perhaps one day, Link will arrange a set of lessons for you in Polish, to suit your available time, and level of ability. They are patient and understanding, and gently encourage you to be confident in Polish. 
The team look like a cross between the Spice Girls and the Pussy Cat Dolls, but don't be fooled. This is a very professional set up, and they mean business. You will come away from a Link course having learned an enormous amount about Polish, Polish affairs, customs and traditions and their courses take you round central Wroclaw where you are introduced to real Polish living, and encouraged to engage with the locals, buying tickets, giving and asking directions, ordering meals, making purchases and coping in Polish. 
The team will assess your level of ability,and will provide every encouragement to be fluent. What's more they do not charge the earth. I survived a 4 day course in which I concentrated on my weaknesses - dates, times and numbers. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and my confidence in communicating in Polish was given a great boost. It is a very happy school, and they use fun and games, and novel methods to bring you along in Polish, and there's nothing quite like having a personal guide with you in the old town. The whole experience was excellent. I hope to come next year." Roger.